Aluminum composite board assortment gives limitless plan choices to structural applications including outside veneers, downpour screen cladding and inside plan.

Presently centred around overhauling your particular undertaking prerequisites, our reconsidered creation conditions for Architectural items imply that our scope of standard completions will currently be specially made to guarantee we can supply the expected amount and finish in the proper arrangements.

To satisfy the needs of corporate ID projects and other custom-tailored completions we likewise have a limitless scope of specific completions as well as a shading match administration.

Our prefinished rainscreen board is intended to give a non-burnable aluminum board arrangement that can be fitted as both tape boards and level sheets with no oil-canning appearance offering a financially savvy and tastefully satisfying exterior arrangement.

Boards are created into "plate" boards with returns on each of the 4 sides, trimmings are then introduced in the joints/uncovers to give a 'discrete' fixing framework, to additional conceal these trimmings it is feasible to seal these joints utilizing shading coordinated or differentiating sealants. Boards are hardened by appending rails to the rear of the boards.

A broad scope of strong shadings to suit any veneer necessity and plan aim.